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Latest information about registration : One registration must be completed per vehicle. e.g. If you come with three people and one vehicle = one registration (vehicle + 3 people) e.g. If you come with two people and two vehicles = two registrations (2 x vehicle + 1 person each) During the registration the “Code of Conduct” has to be accepted. After successful registration, we will check it and confirm the receipt as soon as possible (1-2 days). Later, a second email will be sent containing your registration number, the total amount due to pay and the bank transfer details or PayPal account. Only after receipt of the participant fee you are bindingly registered! The Costs: For the meet: If you are using bank transfer: If you are using PayPal: Per Person (Adult): €125;  Per Person (Adult): €135; Per Child 4-12 years old: €50; Per Child 4-12 years old: €55; Children younger than 4 years old: free. Children younger than 4 years old: free. The prices for children have been reduced. This is of course also valid for already confirmed registrations!
This includes:  - Entry to the meet, including a welcome package, consisting of a bag, t-shirt, Rally-sign for your vehicle, participant ID, various stickets,       etc. Please Note:  You will require your participant ID to be able to gain access to the 1st Floor of the tribune building     (evening event) and for the evening dinner on Friday and Saturday!    (Evening meals consist of several appetisers, main dishes (meat and vegetarian) and desserts as well as usual menus for kids.    If there should be for health reasons an incompatibility with special ingredients, then please send us a message! We’ll try finding a    solution for individual and special dishes with the caterer).  - Parking for your SAAB on the grounds of the „Niederrheinischen Trabrennverein Dinslaken e.V.“ (No. 6 at the map).  - Roadbooks, etc. for the various trips on Saturday. Visitors : Visitors arriving with a SAAB have the possibility to park their car at the SAAB car park (No. 6 at the map), there will be a parking fee of 20,-€ per SAAB & Day to be payed. Attendance at the dinner on Friday and at the evening event / buffet on Saturday is not possible! Also camping at the racetrack is not possible for visitors!
For camping at the racetrack (only for participants!): Children up to 12 years of age free of charge, also valid for already confirmed registrations! Caravans:  Per person per night: €10;  Electricity flat-rate costs €5 (maximum 2A). Tents, Toppolas & Saabo:  Per person per night: €5;  Electricity unfortunately not possible. Those who wish to sleep in their SAABs, must also pay: €5 per night per person. The price includes the usage of showers and extra toilets (please see No. 3 & 4 at the map).  There will be a “night-illumination” at the campground. Campers should specify in their registration whether or not they wish to have breakfast at the “Casino” (canteen) of the racetrack (No. 8 at the map).  The breakfast costs must be paid for by yourselves.
Note : In many parts of Germany, including Dinslaken the so-called “Environmental Zones” are enforced.  Within these zones, only vehicles displaying the appropriate environmental sticker (on their windscreen) are allowed to enter the zone.  Further details in various languages are available on the website: On the website, it is possible to use the online shop to purchase a green environmental badge. We will publish a plan on this website, with the appropriate routes for Dinslaken and for the approach to the racetrack.  The last roads just before arriving at the racetrack are located within the environmental zone. Derogation : ....Classic Cars (pursuant to § 2 No. 22 of the Vehicle Registration Regulation) which carry a license plate pursuant to Article 9 (1) or Article 17 of the Vehicle Registration Regulation, as well as vehicles registered in another Member State of the European Union, another Contracting Party of  the EEA Agreement on European Economic Area or Turkey, that fulfill equivalent requirements.  That means : if your SAAB was registered for the first time before August 1987, you do not need an environmental badge! Source : “35. Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetzes
Registration for the IntSAAB 2017 is now closed!