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Accommodation in and around Dinslaken.  Camping at the Racetrack (only for participants): Now it is safe - we can offer a large number of sites for tents and caravans, directly at the Racetrack. A sufficient supply of toilets and showers is provided. Breakfast at the Casino of the Trabrennbahn can be pre-booked upon registration. Specific rules for campers: 1. Tent pegs are only allowed to be used on the grass areas.  Do not put tent pegs in to the race track!  Damage to the synthetic race track will be expensive for those causing the damage! 2. No barbeques or open fires within the entire area of the racetrack! Hotel : Here is our list of hotels (pdf). And here You can find some additional information (pictures, costs, etc.) about most hotels on the list. Unfortunately, all hotels refused to accept reservations from us. You have to book yourself...