Rassemblement international IntSaab 2017 à Dinslaken. 4. au 6. août 2017  Bienvenur sur notre site. Ici vous trouverez dans les mois à venir toutes les informations à propos du Rassemblement international IntSaab 2017.
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The provisional participant list is online Aujourd'hui, les factures d'expédition ont commencé! The prices for children (participation and camping) have been reduced and the prices for the day visitors have been fixed! More information at the Registration-Site. L'envoi de factures commencent à la fin de la semaine. Current note! Camping at the racetrack is only possible for registered participants! Registration for the Pre-Tour from the Netherlands is now open! Registration is now open! -> Registration-Site New information about registration -> Registration-Site Registration will open at February, 25.  -> Registration-Site Updated Map of DinTrab Registration for the “pre-tour from the South” is now possible - click here for more information
April, 30     :    Participant list updated
May, 11      :
Registration is still possible until May 31, -whoever wants to be there should register in the next days! And: The Program of the South-Pre-Tour is updated!
May, 25      :
Finally - there will be a Pre-Tour from the North/East. More Information at the Pre-Tour-Site
June, 03     :
Updated the participants list.
June, 13     :
Registration is now closed! + The participants list updated
June, 29     :
Updated the participants list.
July, 23      :
The program is online + first information about the day trips at Saturday.
July, 25      :
Updated the program + the participants list
August, 02  :
Updated the participants list.
Wir danken allen Teilnehmern, Gästen, Helfern und besonders dem Team von Dintrab für ein unvergessliches Wochenende! In der Galerie sammeln wir nun Bilder und versuchen die gute Stimmung des IntSaab 2017 weiterleben zu lassen. Wir sehen uns beim IntSaab 2018 in Lettland! We would like to thank all participants, guests, helpers and especially the team of Dintrab for an unforgettable weekend! In the gallery we now collect pictures and try to keep the good mood of the IntSaab 2017 alive. See you at IntSaab 2018 in Latvia!
Achtung: Verkauf der Restbestände! Wer noch ein T-Shirt, eine Tasse, etc. haben möchte, kann sie nun im Online-Shop erwerben! Attention: Sale of remaining stock! If you would like to have a t-shirt, a cup, etc., you can now buy it in the online shop!
November, 08  :
Updated the gallery!