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Some day trip suggestions for Saturday
Day trip in Niederrhein - Industry. Culture. Nature. The Niederrhein (Lower Rhine) is a landscape which has been greatly influenced by people over many centuries. This great diversity of change including areas of supposedly pristine nature is exactly what we want to discover to a greater or lesser extent.  Trip-length: 165km For Navigation: GPX-File
SAAB Museum Kempink (NL) This tour will take you to some small streets, meadows and fields to the German- Dutch border and further to the SAAB-Museum of Anton & Wilma Kempink. The return trip takes you across the border town of Dinxperlo. There one side of the road belonged to the Netherlands, the other to Germany. Trip-length : Outward journey approx. 1,5 hrs. Return approx. 1,5 hrs. For Navigation : GPX-File outward GPX-File return
Nürburgring - day trip to the  “green hell” Our day trip takes us in a southwesterly direction from Düsseldorf through the green lowlands and the hills of the “Eifel National Park”, directly to Nürburgring, the heart of German motor sport’s. It’s most famous section, the “Nordschleife” also known as the “green hell”, is THE ultimate racetrack. Trip-length : Outward journey approx.  221 km /  3,5 hrs. Return approx. 186 km /  2 hrs.
Attention: This is only a brief overview. The complete information about the day trips can be found in the program booklet, which is given to each participant. Even day visitors can get the program books with the tour information!
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Note, starting point of that tour is : Rosengart Museum in Bedburg (about 60 minutes driving time from Dinslaken) Exact adress for navigation: Rosengart Museum, Friedensstrasse 52, 50181 Bedburg